To Do or Not to Do…

That is the eternal question. Or it could just be the title of my next book. 

For now though, it is a very true representation of my struggles over the last several years.  What was I struggling with?  Well, whether I should put this book out there or not.  Should I?  Should I not?  What if someone doesn’t like it?  What if it doesn’t sell?  What if someone finds out about me and all the characters?

After all, I was going to be writing about my career, my time in banking and my personal experiences and interactions at the various firms I worked at.  Besides the fear of revealing some secrets and telling some tales that should not be told, who would be interested in reading about this?  Why would they pick something like this up – would it sell?  These were all the thoughts that made me question whether or not I should do this.

And then, it was decided – Screw that!  If they don’t like it, they don’t. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, I was taught.  And besides, I wasn’t doing this for the money; I was doing it for the love of writing. So I didn’t really care if people did or did not pick up the book.  10 copies or 10,000 copies didn’t matter (well, that’s a lie actually – the more the better, of course!)

As for finding out about me, well, if they do, then well and good.  There’s no fiction in there as such; every one of these stories actually happened and I guess it needed to be told.  If these people have a problem with it, then they should have thought about their actions when they were committing them.  Right?

In addition to the joy of writing, I felt as though I owed something to the future of this industry, to the younger generation that was still interested in banking.  You see, I entered it all those years ago by accident… without knowing what it was all about and what to expect.  I now wanted to put a guide out there, to let people know what their experiences might be like and to forewarn them a little.  And so began the story of The Accidental Banker!

After much struggle, it was finally decided that I would give it a go.  I penned down my last thoughts, got the last bits of graphics in there and hit the ‘publish’ button… well, kind of.  It’s about that easy to do such things these days… to publish a novel, to become a coach, to pen a thesis… what else can you do with the click of a button?

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