Now what?

Ok, so now that I had made up my mind and was sure that I was going to publish this book, how was I going to approach it? Was it going to be funny? Sarcastic? Truthful? Surely not too truthful… who wants to see how their sausage is made anyway, right?

But then what’s the point of writing something and not telling the truth? Aren’t you just misleading people, I thought to myself. Didn’t you live your entire banking career on the principle of telling the truth? You did and it got you places; so why change that philosophy now? Surely, that will get you success as well.

So how about we mix it all together? Bring a bit of humour, a bit of sarcasm and a lot of truth to it. That should do the trick. And with it, you will have the recipe and ingredients for a good book. I am not writing a fiction here anyway… it is about my career and these things did actually happen. Ok, maybe there might be a bit of a creative license when it comes to using quotes and dialogue, but otherwise, I would stick to the truth and nothing but the truth.

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