And I care because?

It’s amazing to observe people’s reactions and feedback when you tell them something like, ‘I am writing a book.’

‘Oh, what’s it about?’

‘My career and all the experiences I have been through over the years’, comes my response.

And then, as you see people’s faces, you can almost anticipate their reactions. Most of them, to be honest, when I started this process and mentioned that I was seriously considering writing, were not particularly encouraging or positive. Some opinions were downright brutal – ‘And why would anyone care about what Mr. S here has to say?’

‘Who are you really and what have you achieved?’

‘Ha! You’re joking right? Who will buy this?’

‘I wouldn’t give up my day job for this if I were you… writing isn’t all that it is made out to be you know’, one prospective author told me. That comment probably stood out the most for me and made me wonder because if she was doing it, (a) it couldn’t be that bad; and (b) it probably couldn’t be that hard. Was she worried here that I would be competition for her one day, I wondered?

Look, after all, like someone once said, ‘opinions are like ____, everyone’s got one.’ It’s really up to you what you make of them, and how you deal with them. It is easy to buy into it and get discouraged. It’s good that all my years in the banking industry had helped me develop a thick skin and more importantly learn to make up my own mind… and so, no matter what anyone said, and no matter how many copies I would sell, I was going to write this damn book! In fact, the more people discouraged me, the more determined it made me to complete this.

It would be for me, myself… and for all my prospective readers (even if they are just two) out there.

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