Who will benefit?

Of all the feedback and responses I received in the early stages of this book, one that was most useful was from a very close friend. As I was discussing the idea with him, he asked a very straightforward and relevant question – ‘what are you trying to achieve with this and who is your audience? If you get that right – the rest should be easy.’

It was a valid question. What was I aiming to achieve from this? Who was my audience? Did I actually have an audience? Why was I doing this?

As I went through my thought process, the answers slowly started to form. First and foremost, I was writing this for my own enjoyment. I love writing; I enjoy the whole process of penning down my thoughts for the pleasure of others, but also for posterity… maybe someday someone will dig up these words of wisdom! Ha!

I was also doing this because I cared (still do care). When I entered the banking industry all those years ago, I sort of stumbled into it, without knowing much. I didn’t have a guide, didn’t have a manual and Google wasn’t that helpful in those days. So, while you can still find out a bit more about banking today, I wanted to provide young aspirants and students who are interested in the industry a guide… a complete, clear, warts-and-all picture of what the industry is about and lastly, what is needed to survive in there.

And lastly, I wanted my story to be a bit of a motivation to anyone out there struggling with finding a new job, switching jobs or just getting along. No job came easily to me; my timing was awful – coinciding with recessions and economic downturns; not being the sharpest or most intelligent person out there, I had to work bloody hard to justify my spot and retain it… and so, in short, if I could do it… and I could manage it all… then it was possible for anyone else to do it as well. A bit of hard work, persistence and motivation are all it takes. Hang in there! They don’t say, ‘good things come to those who wait’, for no reason.

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