But Writing is Hard

Whoever said or thought writing was easy, had no idea what they were talking about. Getting started itself can sometimes be the hardest part. But then as Mark Twain once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” And so, you formulate an idea, move through the criticism and the negativity, you sit down to write/type… now what?

Now you have other distractions to navigate through. If it wasn’t hard enough getting the words to flow, you now have to find the time to make those words flow. If you are employed or in a job of any kind, then finding those hours or even getting yourself motivated to sit down and write after a long day at the office can be tough. And what about family? If it’s all work and no family, you’re going to be a lonely boy for sure.

So, while my wife is supportive of my aspirations and goals, I am sure she too would not be happy if I spent all of my time away from her and the kids, focused on just what I want to do. I guess that marriage and family wouldn’t last for too long. So, then when?

And what about those kids? Having those noisy little things running around, playing around you with their noisy toys and constantly demanding your attention … for food, for play, for water, for poopy… surely that can’t be helpful either. If you are writing about kids, and their habits, or about parenting, maybe it gives you a story or two to add, but it doesn’t help the flow and thought process otherwise.

You overcome all of that, and finally sit down to write… oh, but I am hungry now. Maybe it is time for a snack; how about a cup of tea to keep me warm and energized while I get through this next bit? And voila… there go another 15 minutes and those thoughts that had just started to formulate.

So, you see, it can be very hard to sit down and pen a book. It’s not just about the idea, about the story or about getting the words to flow. It is about managing expectations, timing and your surroundings. It is about perseverance and self-discipline to ensure that you are committed to the task and ploughing through it. And once you get started, as the saying goes, ‘well begun is half done’. So, as I spent the last couple of years working through these obstacles and excuses, I finally got to a stage this year where I decided it was time to get serious. And when I did, I was actually able to overcome it all and hit that ‘publish’ button not so long ago.

Kudos to all the writers out there – not just for your creativity, for your imagination and your stories, but also for your persistence and work ethic. I know what it takes, and am glad to be a part of this club.

With that said, keep a look out for The Accidental Banker this holiday season, and make sure you add it to your reading list.

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