And we are out there…

It was a manic end to the year. There was the usual pressure of the holidays – selecting and buying gifts – planning travel, school events, meet-ups and so on. In addition, this time around, I had the added pressure of getting the book into shape and ready to publish out there.

So, it was discussions with editors, readers, social media experts and promoters to make sure we were all ready for launch. I guess the pressure was self-inflicted in a way. You see, as a type-A personality – someone who sets goals and targets and makes sure to achieve them, I had set this arbitrary goal of publishing by the end of 2019… and so the pressure was on.

But why 2019? Well, to be honest, it was just about time. This had been a work in progress for over three years. The idea had formulated after I had left my second banking job, but I had only go to writing it a couple of years after. Then, the daily grind had taken precedence and this had been relegated to the back burner. Without a job in 2019 and no real work engagements, I just figured it was time. I also thought that if I get this first one out of the door, it would incentivise me to write more and set targets for more books further down the line. And, so, year end it was…

As we drew closer to the end of the year, the editing was complete. I read and re-read the drafts… I loaded and uploaded drafts… small corrections were made, little errors were fixed… and then I finally said ‘that’s it; it is time’. The best part is that, with something like Amazon’s direct publishing tool, it is all so easy. It’s actually anti-climactic. And just like that, with the push of a button that said ‘Publish’, my work was out there. I was now a published author and my work is out there for the world to read… good, bad or ugly, I had now accomplished my goal of writing a book.

So, go on to Amazon and pick up your copy of The Accidental Banker today! Reward my years of labour and my dedication to writing by buying your copy. You can also download it on Kindle for free, for a limited time only.

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